I’ve been tired and busy.  I’m working on my RN degree while working full-time as an LPN in a skilled nursing unit.  Actually, I’m exhausted.  I haven’t had the energy to make anything lately.  It’s a triumph that I turned on the sewing machine and made this scrub top.  Now I feel like making stuff all the time again.  I’ve got a million ideas squirming around in my head.  Sometimes abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.

I used New Look 6876 to make this top.  I altered the bodice to be surplice.  I plan on using this pattern again for scrubs.  The only problem is that this top is huge.  If you have any geeky fabric ideas, please send me a link.

I know it’s popular to trash nurses for wearing cartoon scrubs, but if you’ve never spent 40 hours a week keeping 15 people alive, please don’t judge.

If you’ve never seen what kind of boogers come out of a trach, trust me that I need something fun to brighten my day.

If you’ve never cleaned a wound so foul that you could smell it in your hair after a shower, then please give me a break about my clothing.

If you’ve never spilled colostomy juice on your shoes, you get the idea…

Nurses put up with a lot of shit–sometimes literally–so please don’t pick on our scrubs.