Wellbutrin–A Smiling Piece of Candy.

wellbutrin 004

Wellbutrin is a strange little pill.  It looks like a happy piece of candy.  It gives me bizarre nightmares like it’s coated in sugar and hallucinogenic drugs.  Still, happy is happy.  Wellbutrin is still part of the cocktail I take every day.  I have no ill feelings, only appreciation. 

wellbutrin 003

wellbutrin 002

Wellbutrin makes Montana winters possible for me.  Maybe it contains trace amounts of powdered sunshine. 

Because I have peace and friendship with this drug, I used silks, alpaca, and shimmering cottons to make this picture.  I used a hoarded piece of fabric for this special occasion.  It’s still unblocked because I’m not sure where to crop the dolls on the material.   I’ll take better pictures once it gets framed.  (I might be over a year behind on that.  Oops.)

Sometimes I get tired of slaying demons.  With acceptance comes peace.  Thank you, Wellbutrin.


Extreme closeup
Extreme closeup

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