Therapeutic Embroidery

Gigglymama is graciously sharing this piece with us.  I love the sense of fun with color and shape.  

One of the most wonderful benefits of art/craft therapy is the ability to self-soothe.  I can certainly imagine the comfort and joy gained working on this piece.

Soothing work from Gigglymama.
Soothing work from Gigglymama.

In her words:  I took up a random project that I had to get out of my system. It’s horrid, but I like it. I cut up piece of fabric, used excess embroidery floss, drew random shapes all over the fabric, and started stitching it, like a maniac. Yeah, I am a freak. I really want to get a giant embroidery hoop and do another one with well thought out colors and better shapes. I have a thing for colors with memory attached. I used one color in this project that reminded me of my grandparent’s old orange shag carpet.


One thought on “Therapeutic Embroidery

  1. This is awesome! I really apprecitate those pieces of work that reflect movement and a kind of frenzied expression of self. We all need to purge our innermost freelings sometimes, and this was a perfect way to do so. Thanks. – craftyho

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