It happens…

I received another anonymous submission today.  Here are the contributor’s words

I’m continuing the stitch therapy, but in a different way. This isn’t something that was said during the assault.  The first time I ever told anyone exactly what happened to me was in group therapy several years later. No one said anything for a minute, and then the psychiatrist who lead the group said this. 

it happens
It was a long time before I talked about it again.

  Someday I’d love to know what men really think about women’s sexuality. 

I had a male therapist when I was 16.  I hated him.  Therapy was court ordered after a suicide attempt.  He was obese and greasy and had a hot pink face.  He sat in a rocking chair and asked me question after question about sexual abuse in my past.  Then he wanted details.  Then he wanted details of the details.  I don’t care how important sexual abuse is to the recovery of a young woman, being alone in a room with that man was a rape in the form of conversation.

Anyone who has ever been the victim of a Rape Kit knows that it feels like a repeat of the assault. 

How many of us have been violated in talk therapy?  How many of us have left feeling worse?  How many of us have given up from a hopeless lack of understanding? 

Since this blog is about empowerment, I have to encourage everyone to fire a bad therapist.  The phone book is full of them.  My opinion is uneducated, but I wholeheartedly believe that if your therapist makes you feel naked and raw and misunderstood you should never go back.


2 thoughts on “It happens…

  1. this piece is very raw, but looking at it a different way, empowering too. After my rape kit, the doctor said to the officer, “Honestly, I can’t even tell if she has been raped or not…there are so many scars covering her body.”

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