Don’t tase me, bro!


I really wanted to stitch a TASER.  I did.

Downward Dog Taser

I spun the floss for this project.  I dyed it all by hand.  I’m fairly pleased with it. 

Dead Dog Taser

I’ve gotten a lot of negative comments for stitching such violent subject matter.  What I’m trying to do with this work is to soften what is harsh, cushion and protect what is vulnerable, and connect with my husband.  The heart of the matter is that David is a calm and kindhearted man.  He’s working for peace.


6 thoughts on “Don’t tase me, bro!

  1. this work is beautiful! I am impressed at the way the color changes – just ever so slightly- with the details. Poop on those others who don’t understand.

  2. Love the Taser – and those negative people? Forget them. Your work is so original and your technique amazing. I am always excited to see your new pieces.

  3. (I think I accidently deleted my comment, so I’m reposting it.)
    I love your blog, it’s such an inspiration to spend time at.
    I’ve found that because we’re textile artists, people expect us to stick to dancing lemon tea towels and precious kittens. F*ck that. No one expects painters and sculptors to occupy that pigeon hole. We are artists, and no topic is off limits. Keep staying true to your vision!

  4. I appreciate the craftsmanship of your needlework, as well as your stance on stitching whatever subject matter you need/want to explore. Good art often makes someone uncomfortable…so be it!

  5. I continue to check your blog, although you haven’t posted in a long time. I hope everything is all right … I wonder if you are still stitching. I miss seeing your work.

  6. The violence of the imagery is transcended by the medium. Your work is brilliant. I think I may have seen some of it at Bumbershoot several years ago – is that possible?

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