Another machine gun

side view trapunto gun

This M4 was all done by machine.   My husband bought a new sewing machine for me.  It’s beautiful because the feed dogs drop easily and free motion quilting is now a joy.   The trapunto detail give the gun more dimension, so I plan to play with that more later. 

Even though none of these stitches were done by hand, I feel my hand in this piece.  It looks like my energy. 

free motion quilted gun with trapunto

3 thoughts on “Another machine gun

  1. i like how you used negative space to define the gun and the pattern of the background cloth to determine the positive pattern.

    • your work continues to amaze me. can you say more about why your pieces might reflect a kind of inert violence? …meaning, the violence is definitly implied by the subject matter, but with the object being stationary, a portrait if you will, it lends a feeling of implication to it that might not otherwise be expressed…

      am i making sense? love it, mean it.

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