New Sweater for Isabel

This was supposed to be a February Baby Sweater, from the old Knitter’s Almanac. However, I forgot to bring the book with me while I was working on it and improvised the lace. (I’ve knit gull wing lace so many times, I was sure I had it memorized.) I guess I was off by one stitch on each repeat and ended up with this lace pattern.

It doesn’t matter. She loves the sweater! Now I just need some buttons.

The yarn is Vintage Wool from Berocco. It washes well, but I thought it was slippery and splitty. The metal needles I was using weren’t working for me, so I switched to the acrylic needles from and I had a much easier time.


4 thoughts on “New Sweater for Isabel

  1. The sweater is beautiful! I love Knit Picks needles, I have more of them than any other kind! Been away for a while, but I am back! Love your blog!Love,Lynn

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