Who didn’t get her floss?


I had a blog giveaway last year.  Everyone won. 

I’ve been cleaning out my craft room and found one of prize envelopes.  It has my address on it, but not the recipient.  Email me if you didn’t get your floss.  I am really sorry.  You should have told me.   

This older work has been bothering me.  I had no idea what to do with it.  It’s not really my style–just an experiment with needlepoint.  I’m thinking I’ll applique it to something for funsies.

I am a 6 inch rifle.  That’s not small, it’s average.


2 thoughts on “Who didn’t get her floss?

  1. It was me!
    You had the giveaway and then didn’t post on the blog for a couple of months so I figured you had given up on the blog etc. I’m so glad you didn’t because I love seeing your work. I couldn’t find your email address in all the pages so here’s mine:
    silversistersstudio at gmail.com


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