I’m working on lots of things these days.

After finishing my Tinker portrait, I gained enough confidence to tackle other people.  I’m working on a series of portraits now.  My newest man is Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK47.  I love the idea of having stiff, formal portraits of men who have influenced my life as much as a family member, yet are in no way physically related to me.  It’s my little form of ancestor worship. 

I’m only about 25% done with this.  I have a lot of work left.  I’ll show a bigger and more detailed picture when I’m less ashamed of it.  The background is one of David’s dress blue shirts.

I’m also still working on my Odes to Common Things.  I can’t decide what to stitch next.


2 thoughts on “I’m working on lots of things these days.

  1. I really liked your last portrait and this one looks intriguing also. I am curious about your relationship to this subject and to the military. I know you’re husband is in the military. I’m also curious as to what his take is on your work.

  2. Thanks for the question. I guess I see the military as a patriarch who has too much power over my life. I’m not a member of the Air Force, but they determine where I live, what doctor I see, when I get to be on the same side of the Earth as my husband, etc.

    I don’t ask my husband about his thoughts on my artwork. He’s not an art person. This is about my journey. My role is remote and impotent. I hope my work says more than my words do.

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