An Early Mother’s Day Gift for You!

One of the floss winners, Ellen Schinderman, posted this project on Flickr and it really made me smile. It combines, drugs, embroidery, and handspun wool. Can’t beat that with a stick!

I really wanted to give out more floss, but it is really difficult to use, especially with tightly woven fabrics. It tangles and kinks up and misbehaves a lot. I can’t imagine anyone getting it to make readable text, but Ellen did it and I’m happy. (My handspun embroidery is very blurry and loose, so the material works well for me.)

If you like embroidered nekkid people doing naughty things, check out Ellen’s shop:
Her Flickr stream is here:
Her website is here:

She is never safe for work, so you’ve been warned.


5 thoughts on “An Early Mother’s Day Gift for You!

  1. I was also very looking forward to your handspun embroidery thread but I never received it 😦 Stupid mail sistem with things getting lost and all..

  2. I couldn’t find your mailadress so I posted my adress to your etsy account. You are lovely for wanting to try again. Thank you! Thank you!

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