Handsome Devils

Kalashnikov is about 50% done.  I’m pondering my next “ancestor.” 

I appreciate you, dear blog readers.  You are welcome to use my knitting and crochet patterns.  You can copy any garment I sew.  You can use the spinning techniques and the recipes.  These are all crafts, and I love sharing them.  I get a special kind of thrill from seeing my hat pattern on the head of a lovely little girl I’ll never meet in person.  Crafting is sharing.

I don’t appreciate art theives.  Please don’t use my artwork, especially to make money.  My embroidery and embroidered quilts are off limits.  Art is something personal.  It came out of my soul and the labor was painful and emotional.  It’s my intellectual property.  Please don’t copy it.  You are welcome to post any of my content as long as you link back to me and give me full credit.  Don’t steal anyone else’s art, either.

I feel so much better now that we’ve cleared this up.


8 thoughts on “Handsome Devils

  1. it’s too bad you have to say this, but i think it’s good to put it out there to all this to your readers. maybe you want to put it on your sidebar too – or a link to it with a copyright symbol – so that future readers will be sure to see?

    also i just noticed your offer of help. i feel stuck and would love a nudge or idea for self-guided art therapy. if you have a chance, you can reach me through facebook or at drucillapettibone@gmail.com.

  2. I agree that it’s a shame you need to say this. I have noticed that copyright theft seems more rampant in the crafting world than in the fine arts. People don’t seem to have a problem stealing/downloading an image and using it for jewellry, bags, etc and selling on craft sites. Not sure why they don’t understand copyright????

    • It’s a low down, dirty shame. I’m glad that fellow artists agree with me. I’m not talking about people who take an embroidery lesson at their local craft store and suddenly call themselves artists because they can backstitch and copy other people’s work, either.

      Thanks for reading the blog. Piquer pour toujours.

  3. maybe it was the title that suggested it to me but i swear Kalashnikov looks like he has horns starting to grow. Its looking good, can’t wait to see it when its done. Sorry to hear about the art thieves. Some people think if its on the internet its free for the taking regardless of the source. Hopefully this will be a wake-up call.

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