Mission Accomplished

I’m done with Norman.  I really like how he turned out.  I’ve been worried lately that I’m all technique and no substance.  Doing a bunch of portraits doesn’t exactly help. 

I’m especially proud of how thick and tactile my stitches are.  They actually cast little shadows.  The reason I don’t use glass in my frames is that I’m inviting people to touch my work. 

I used woven stitch on his clothing.  It was fun.  I know it’s very literal, but I think it identifies my work as stitched rather than painted. 

I think the portraits say a lot more as a group than they do alone.  Thanks for sharing this experience with me.


5 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. He turned out great! I actually find these portraits really disturbing outside of the great technical skills. As you pointed out in a previous post these are names of people we are familiar with (in passing for us not as involved in the military, yet still a part of our vocabulary), and yet I don’t remember ever seeing the men attached with the name. It brings a whole other level of reality to my perceptions. I really like the dark maroon background you used for Norman and the weaving looks great.

  2. I am quite fascinated with your technique and I agree the fact that they cast a bit of a shadow really adds a another textural quality that makes this work so interesting. I don’t see them as JUST portraits because the technique has moved them beyond that.

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