not good enough

, originally uploaded by beefranck.

I’m nervously awaiting school applications. I’m trying to get into nursing school. If accepted, I’ll be 36 when I start classes. Here is my favorite fear stitched in my favorite font by the lovely and talented Beefranck.

Something about this embroidery makes me smile a little bit. It’s kind of like when I have a headache and my husband tells me it’s probably a tumor. That’s hilarious to me. Maybe it’s actually the opposite of Stuart Smalley.

Wish me luck!


10 thoughts on “not good enough

  1. lots of luck, alex! and you know, luck plays a bigger role than merit in most things! but i’m very sure you are “good enough” by whatever standards they are using.

    and btw i’m almost 42 and still technically in grad school so you’re still a young-gun. 🙂

  2. I was is my 30s when I entered nursing school also. It was sooooo worth it. Found jobs where ever we moved. It’s a very rewarding career choice. You’ll do wonderfully.

    • I’m actually glad to be older. I was a phleb for many years at a teaching hospital and I’d see how mean the nurses were to the students. They’d say that nurses “eat their young.” I feel like I’m better able to handle the stress. Hopefully I can do clinicals with some gifted teachers, but I know I’m dedicated enough to take whatever they dish out.

  3. Hi Alex

    I was in my early 30s (with 3 kids and hubby in tow) when I started nursing school. That was 15 years ago and, like childbirth, the worst parts of it are forgotten as time heals. I don’t know how I did it, but I did, and was lucky enough to get my dream job right out of school.

    Good luck – and don’t worry too much about “nurses eating their young”. I think the whole ‘baptism by fire’ concept is highly overrated. Just be aware to ask lots of questions – realize that finishing school is just the beginning of your education and commit to being a life-long learner.

    best wishes

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