We are changing this art form

, originally uploaded by Drucilla Pettibone.

I’ve been on vacation and I have some catching up to do. I want to show you this amazing embroidered and appliqued fox by the talented Ms. Drucilla Pettibone. She combines commercial and handspun threads as well as vintage fabrics. (Handspun!)

I hope you click on the photo to see her Flickr stream. She is passionate about her work with rescue dogs. She’s also a damn nice person. Here is her blog: http://drucillapettibone.blogspot.com/.

So many amazing artists are out there challenging and changing embroidery. I’m constantly amazed by the new subject matter and techniques. Invent your own stitches! Invent your own materials! This is a great time to work in fiber. It’s time to shake off the image of fiber artists producing nothing more than overworked, overbusy quilts. Our art form is powerfully emotional and visually exciting. Go make something right now!

Just to update everyone, I got into the nursing school that I wanted. I feel as happy as I did when I found out I was pregnant. I’m scared, but I know this is going to complete me.


5 thoughts on “We are changing this art form

  1. hey hey hey! there’s nothing as affirming as visiting a blog you love and finding your own stuff!! thank you alex! i totally agree that fiber art is *the* place to be.

    and i am so happy and proud for you about nursing school!

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