Little white lies like I was there.

This amazing piece landed in my Flickr group. I have to share it with you. The blue words look so much like sutures from a distance and I love the clotted texture of the reds. It makes you wonder about The Accident.

Here is what the artist said:

There are some unwieldy things I knew deep down that The Accident made me acknowledge.

1. People get away with heinous crap every day and never have to pay for it. The person who crashed into my mother’s car continues to rack up citations — civil and criminal — but never seems to suffer for it.

2. You never know how attractive others think you are until they make comments regarding a facial disfigurement. And now I must cope with that and looking 1/16th Klingon when I stand in good light.

3. I have ceased to be a patsy under the guise of anti-litigiousness or the desire to just let things rest. I still don’t like that change in attitude, but this is entirely necessary until people change theirs regarding how much concern they should have for others.

Flickr streat for l33tware is here: (Or click on the photo for a closer look. It will lead you to l33twave’s photos.)


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