Anybody want to see my impression of Richard Saja?

If you aren’t familiar with Richard Saja, he is a fine artist who often works with textiles and embroidery.  He is often known for his altered toile scenes–French livery with mohawks and punk clothing, pastoral barns on fire, etc.  He’s actually quite a bit more interesting than that, so I recommend that you visit his blog and search the internet articles about him.

This bit of embroidery is a Father’s Day gift for my dad.  We don’t always see eye to eye, but that’s only because we are equally stubborn.  We have the same birthday, the same crappy skin, the same sense of humor, and the same horrible neck problems.  I decided to sew a neck pillow for him because I know how helpful mine is.  I hope he likes it. 

The fabric came from Hobby Lobby.  It’s nothing big, but the man is getting an Alexandra Walters embroidery piece for the low, low price of being my dad for 36 years. 

Before you start thinking that I’m a good daughter, let me tell you that I still haven’t mailed it.  I’ve been very sick for a few weeks and just found out that my thyroid quit working.  My doctor can’t see me to prescribe anything until after July 13, so I am functioning of 12-14 hours of sleep a day.  I manage to get nothing done except feed the kids and keep the house from becoming a health hazard.


4 thoughts on “Anybody want to see my impression of Richard Saja?

  1. First off I’m really sorry about the thyroid situation and sending healing thoughts in your direction. I’ve been dealing with a health situation that wipes me out too and I think it is heroic that you are able to feed the kids and take care of the house. I know it may not sound like much when you say it, but having taken care of two little kids and a house I know what a big job that really can be.

    I love this take on Richard Saja’s style. It is hilarious. I’m sure your dad will love his neck pillow when he gets it.

  2. Thanks for the tip about Mr. Saja. Sorry to hear about your thyroid. Mine’s not so cooperative either. I just got it readjusted. Hope yours gets better soon. If you’re able to, there are some really good thyroid support vitamins at the natural foods store. Take it easy.

  3. alex, i hope you get that thyroid whipped into shape and feel better soon. i’ve had health problems of late too and it really blows. i also love wildlife fabric and what you’ve done with it. xo

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