Kate E. Burke

White Button Embroidery Pendant
Double Layer Embroidery Pendant

I found Kate E. Burke on Flickr a while ago.  I admire her embroidery skills and the wonderful textures in her work.  She is the owner and curator of  The Honeytree Gallery in KC, MO.  I grabbed a little blurb from her webpage about her themes and motivation:

Kate E. Burke is a textile and graphic artist that explores themes of juxtaposition: the private with the public, individual with community, internal against the external. She captures fleeting emotions and thoughts into permanent reflections of daily life using drawing, watercolor, beads, sequins, fabric and embroidery.
Racing Mind

I love her aesthetic.  Some of her work reminds me of my 1980s childhood.  I’m not sure why, but I get that achy longing feeling.  The narrative of her embroidery is very adult, though–stress, racing thoughts, the unending “game” of grownup life.
Racing Mind Detail

This is one of my favorites.  I love the texture of the sequins and tears.   I hope you go look at Kate’s stuff.  You’ve got to see the larger photos to appreciate it.


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