From the Flickr Group

1. Lace portrait with cast shadow, 2. Untitled, 3. The Ladies of Aeschylus are complete!, 4. I Bleed, 5. For the Craftivist Collective’s bed-in quilt, 6. thank you note for my hosts, 7. Amyclae Commemorative Stamp, 8. Broke a Man’s Heart, 9. “You Are Cordially Invited”, 10. Untitled, 11. I was never fully comfortable…, 12. color test

Add your work to the pool! (If your privacy settings don’t let me share I can’t post your work here. You can still join the group, though.)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!  I get 3 precious days off from school.  I plan on running 5K and eating my weight in pie.  I’m starting with this recipe.


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