Owl-Eyed Athena

I finished my portrait of Penny Nickels.

It took a long time.  I had a mostly finished portrait for a while, but I just wasn’t happy with it.  I couldn’t get the phrase Owl-Eyed Athena out of my head when I was working on it.  Since so much of Penny’s work is about mythology, I thought of her as a warrior/genius with big, creepy, owly eyes. 

I’m confused about this portrait.  I hate it because I’m shaking with self doubt all day every day lately.  I feel like a fraud artistically.  I also love this.  Honestly I think this is the most beautiful portrait I’ve ever made. 

Whatever.  It is what it is.  Now I need to make peace with my life and art and move on.


9 thoughts on “Owl-Eyed Athena

  1. She looks like she could jump off that fabric and headbutt you. Spectacular.

    I’m glad you’re chasing your dream in nursing school, but you clearly weren’t thinking of your adoring public. I miss the regular new project posts!

  2. this is absolutely amazing and wonderful. I’m happy you’re still working on stuff while you’re doing school. Maybe it will inspire me to do the same. I’ve kind of pushed my creative life to the back burner now that i’m back in school.

  3. A site forwarded by my friend ,got me glued from the start.Its a very beautiful site and as i went thru it,i gazed at this embroidery work for few seconds and had just one word on mind “wowh” :)…i would like to add that -‘Your work is so neat and the expressions captured are so simple.Very inspiring as ” Athena”,is the Greek goddess of wisdom, of household arts and crafts.Fantastic work.

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