Checking in

Nursing school is going well.  I’ll soon be on site at my first clinical experience.  I’ve learned to do amazing, healing things with my hands and I get to use my skills to help people.  It’s pretty damn exciting.

I’ve lost so much weight that I had to buy new scrubs.  My prepregnancy jeans (circa 2003) are getting too loose to wear.  Damn exciting.

I’m not running to lose weight.  I’m losing weight so that I can run better.  My running is changing my life.  I look forward to my runs like a dog looks forward to a walk.  My body is getting stronger every day.  My jiggly bits are getting firmer.  My husband can’t keep his hands off of me.  My body composition is much leaner than it was last time I was at this weight.  My resting heart rate has dropped 10 beats per minute.  I have more energy.  I’m alive and it feels great.

I updated my Etsy shop.  Shipping is free to the US, UK, and Canada. 

I recently received an award for having a great art therapy blog.  I was nominated by my readers, so thank you!  People send me messages telling me what an inspiration I am.  The truth is that my readers inspire me.  There are times when I feel uninspired and untalented, but I always have friends waiting to share their work.  You guys keep me going.

Top Art Therapy Blog

I’m working on a couple of pieces for a show this winter.  It’s really hard to find the time to work on it, but I like what I’m making.  I won’t be posting pictures until after the show opens.  I don’t want to spoil the suprise.

Handsome Devils

Kalashnikov is about 50% done.  I’m pondering my next “ancestor.” 

I appreciate you, dear blog readers.  You are welcome to use my knitting and crochet patterns.  You can copy any garment I sew.  You can use the spinning techniques and the recipes.  These are all crafts, and I love sharing them.  I get a special kind of thrill from seeing my hat pattern on the head of a lovely little girl I’ll never meet in person.  Crafting is sharing.

I don’t appreciate art theives.  Please don’t use my artwork, especially to make money.  My embroidery and embroidered quilts are off limits.  Art is something personal.  It came out of my soul and the labor was painful and emotional.  It’s my intellectual property.  Please don’t copy it.  You are welcome to post any of my content as long as you link back to me and give me full credit.  Don’t steal anyone else’s art, either.

I feel so much better now that we’ve cleared this up.

I’m working on lots of things these days.

After finishing my Tinker portrait, I gained enough confidence to tackle other people.  I’m working on a series of portraits now.  My newest man is Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK47.  I love the idea of having stiff, formal portraits of men who have influenced my life as much as a family member, yet are in no way physically related to me.  It’s my little form of ancestor worship. 

I’m only about 25% done with this.  I have a lot of work left.  I’ll show a bigger and more detailed picture when I’m less ashamed of it.  The background is one of David’s dress blue shirts.

I’m also still working on my Odes to Common Things.  I can’t decide what to stitch next.