Watercolor Eye Embroidery by Corrine B

wip: eye embroidery, originally uploaded by Corrine B..

I started a new Flickr Pool for artists who would like to be considered for writeup on my blog.
Please don’t be shy. Feel free to join the pool. Feel free to add me as a Facebook friend. I’m not a snob. Really.

One of the first contributions is this eye from artist Corrine B, a WIP titled Leadbelly. It’s based on a watercolor sketch from when her son was shot in the eye with a bb gun. See the post here.  I love the dreamy, washy look of this piece. There is a lot of emotion. She really has the look of tears and watercolor come through in an amazing way. 

Believe me, achieving a painterly look with embroidery isn’t easy. Go check out her Flickr Stream here.

By the way…I still hate my current WIP and I’m going to abandon it for now. I don’t feel like I’m losing or giving up. I feel like I’m free to walk away from situations I can’t win. It feels good.

Doctor’s Orders

I was really honored to get this piece in my inbox.  The artist wishes to remain anonymous.   I absolutely respect my contributors’ privacy.  Anyone can contact me at alexcateye [at] msn [.] com.  I’m always available to talk.  Don’t be afraid to share!


I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to being assaulted when I was a kid. Things have been under control for a long time, but due to recent stressful events in my life, I’ve been experiencing symptoms again and started seeing a therapist to deal with it.

One of the problems that recurring is a reaction to certain auditory cues. Sometimes when I hear things that were said during the assault, I get anxious or have a flashback, if only for a split second. My therapist found out about my hobby and suggested that I stitch the words that have power over me as a way to get the control back from them. I decided to try to contain a word with stitches. I decided to start with shhh.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue or not. I feel like it actually makes me think about things more than I really want to.