How can I explain?

How can I explain?

I’ve been busy. We got hit by that awful tornado on May 20 in Moore, OK. This is my daughter’s classroom. Her desk is under that truck. She was in that school when it got hit and she was pulled from the debris.

I don’t feel good. I went into Addisonian crisis during the tornado. I’ve been on extra steroids for months. I blew out my thyroid. I’m still in school full time, but I don’t work right now. I’m starting nurse practitioner school in the Fall if my health doesn’t get any worse.

I’ll be making some art for a show in May. I might post to this blog, or I might delete the whole thing. When I start seeing patients as a ARNP, I probably won’t want anybody snooping into my private thoughts. That wasn’t something I thought about when I started blogging in 2007. My name is all over interviews and artwork. I didn’t hold anything back. Sometimes I wish I could take it all back. Can you think of anything worse than having your most raw emotions show up when someone Googles your name? I didn’t know that I would grow up to have a license and patients.